Friday, September 29, 2006

Stage 21: Weekend Chores

Since I am in limbo while the bastards at Dell continue to drag their heels in shipping Mike Ward his new computer (and thus preventing me from seizing his old one for my cabinet), I have spent the last little while considering a few other things that need doing on my machine. Here's a list of some things I'm going to try and tackle this weekend in-between ribs and drinking:

1) Rewire marquee light
An easy affair, just needs to be spliced back onto a regulation power cord. That said, if I do manage to electrocute myself on Saturday, it's been a pleasure.

2) Start thinking about bezel design & construction
Now that I've settled upon a monitor, I can start thinking about the bezel. For those of you in the dark, the bezel is the covering that extends around the monitor. In the olden arcade days, it was covered with campy art and game instructions, kind of like this old-school Burger Time one:

I'm thinking for my cabinet, I will start basic - a nice basic black construction, with a sheet of cut plexiglass over the front to protect the comupter monitor from pawing by my grubby little friends. I can always add some artwork (or more likely some instructions) on it later

3) Start thinking about a new marquee design
As in love with the TETRIS thing that the cabinet's previous owner clearly printed off his home PC sometime in 1987, my machine definitely needs some new loving. Fortunately, there's a whole website devoted to just such a thing over at the aptly named Not sure which one I'm going for yet, but here's some ones I am leaning towards:

I really dig the crisp, sleek loof of the first two, but I have to admit having a soft-spot for the Tron-inspired third one as well. There's loads of other choices, and since I know so many artist-types, I am sure I could get a nice one done for me on the sly. I guess we'll wait and see.

Anyways, this should get me through the weekend. I'm definitely jonesing to get the software off my real PC and onto the MAME PC ASAP. Argh!


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