Monday, October 02, 2006

Stage 22: Weekend Update

Not surprisingly, I failed in performing any of the tasks I had thought about doing this weekend. I blame the Internet, the return of swing music and the fact that it was a nice day on Saturday and my girlfriend had access to a car. It's hard to turn down a nice day trip with lines like "but I have to research arcade cabinet designs".

Anyways, I did manage to pour a solid five hours into sorting out ROMs and compiling screenshots for my Atari 2600 and NES collections. You see, in order for the ROM and screenshot and movie preview to line-up in my Maximus Arcade front-end, the file names all have to be identical. This means no extra spaces, things capped that shouldn't be capped, version info in brackets, etc., etc.

Not surprisingly, since I gathered these games, movies and screengrabs from places all over the web, not everything was in sync. So this meant a TON of arduous renaming and double-checking of hundreds and hundreds of files. This was about as fun as being kicked in the mouth, but once done it shouldn't have to be done anymore. I'm keen on archiving all these things onto DVDs so I can clear them off my main PC and I want to make sure everything is hunky dory before I burn them off.

So I did get some stuff done afterall. I guess it wasn't a TOTAL waste of a weekend, but the daunting task of lining-up all the ROM/snaps/movies for the MAME, Genesis, SNES, Master System and Intellivision games is looming large in my mind. Sigh.


Blogger Jonathan Zinck said...

Wicked. This baby is almost done, eh?

12:43 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Not quite. It's definitely functional, but there's quite a few things left to do, including a total cosmetic makeover and installation of a whole new PC brain. I'd say this puppy is at like 80-85% completion.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm, it is never a waste of a weekend when you get to spend it with the likes of me!

9:34 PM  

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